IZEN Insurance Brokerage * License #:0472491

  "Proud To Serve You"

Established and licensed in 1954 by Stan Izen.
Owned and Operated since 1976 by Don Izen.

6246 Fallbrook Avenue 
Woodland Hills, CA   91367
(818)999-5433 * Fax: (818)999-5387
e-mail: office@izeninsurance.com

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Thank you for visiting our site.   If you are a client of ours,

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If you're not a client, please don't call us for quotations;

we're a "closed" agency and only write policies for our

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we already know.   (No offense to "strangers"; we just

don't have enough staff to grow quickly and maintain

the high service standards of which we are so proud.) 


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6246 Fallbrook Avenue   *   Woodland Hills, CA   91367  *  Bus: (818)999-5433  *  Fax: (818)999-5387